Water Pumps

ANP Power Systems Pvt Ltd is water pumping solution system that offers a cost effective alternate to conventional water pumping systems. It comes in aroids configurations (AC/DC) with submersible & above the surface options. Whether you are in a remote location where the cost of running traditional water piping is prohibitive or you have no or limited access to grid, ANP Power Systems Pvt Ltd is the right product for you.

Water PumpsThe daily power consumption for water usage is much higher, we offer various solar water pumps. Solar water pumps are cost effective and it is far better when compared to diesel generators. There occurs varying solar energy levels which can deliver maximum water using MPPT technology. This system can be used for both mono block or submersible pumps. Installation is simple when compared to other systems.

Benefits of solar water pumps

Reliable, Maintenance free, Longer life, Economical ,SPEI offers PV modules, which generate DC energy very efficiently and reliably from sunlight. This system can  with stand in extreme weather conditions such as storm, rainfall, snow. Our system has a long lasting life span and maintenance free. The solar water pump systems are available in various type based on the applications and need.