ANP POWER undertakes EPC Projects. We operates Engineering, Procurement, and Construction of every project, with a bond ability. ANP Power is a part of Group Companies with Automotives, Energy, Real Estate & Property and Turn Key Projects

We handle design, installation, solar energy systems for domestic, government and semi Government facilities with utilities. ANP Power Systems Pvt Ltd address acute power problems of the state in particular and India at large by developing the large market through rooftops, implement and manage the solar power plants. ANP Power Systems Pvt Ltd will gain additional competencies for further success in its retail solar operations with its innovative and most affordable solar-scheme. ANP Power Systems Pvt Ltd will assume operational responsibilities for developing market, implement the solar systems with the help of its highly trained engineering teams headed by veteran solar experts. We intend to tap the solar rooftop and gird-interactive solar power plant opportunities in the state with fully supported inventory and financial schemes to benefit the people of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana thereon expand to all the district regions. And further implementation of expand of expertise in the neighboring states.

ANP Power Systems Pvt Ltd business strategy has evolved from being purely focused on B2B “off-grid” applications to a consumer oriented focus, manifested by the company’s brand of Plug &Play solar power products and systems.